Wireless Charging pros and cons

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Big smartphone companies attract customers with fancy upgradations. Wireless charging is counted among one of them. Wireless charger, invented by Nikola Tesla back in the late 1800s, came into limelight in 21st century. It is a technology which has covered a long distance to bring a revolutionary change in the ecological community of the tech world. In this rapid dynamic ‘smart world’, we need ‘smart chargers’ to charge our ‘smart phones’.
The mind-boggling leverages of wireless charging are as follows:
• Convenience:
We do not need to fight any more with tangled cords. “Less is more” but more is great. Now we can charge more than one smartphone simultaneously.

• Integration:
Wireless chargers are as flexible as water. It can accommodate with almost all cell phones, regardless of shape or size of its charging socket.

Now, as we all know development as both good and adverse effects. Though wireless charging is a revolutionary invention, it, too, has some limitations.

• Performance:
There are several wireless chargers which lowers down the speed of charging.

• Mobility:
The fight between user and messy cords is not at all short-lived. Though wireless charger claims to be WIRELESS, it is not, entirely. Users still have to plug the charging station to the switch board. It is the signals that get transmitted between the charger and the electronic gadgets. Plus, wireless chargers are non-portable and cannot be used while the phone is on charging as it has to be on the pad, making it difficult to use during the process.

• Compatibility:
Complaints have been registered by several users regarding the incompatibility of the device with the charger, as it fails to attract to draw in power from the source.

• Heat Loss:
The immune heat generation is comparatively more in wireless charging in comparison to conventional charging method- resulting in power loss.

• Effect on Phone Ports and Cable Life:
Phone ports often break and the cables are of low quality.

• Cost:
This super cool and smart invention will burn a hole in the pocket as the prices are on a higher side.

• Health- Electromagnetic Fields (EMF):
According to World Health Organization (WHO), more research works are required to resolve the notion whether low levels EMF are less hazardous for health.
• Environmental Impact:
About 20% of the power generated by wireless chargers goes out into the environment- adding up in the list of reasons responsible for global warming.

As the technology is new, it requires lots of modifications on a large scale to make it easily saleable as well as eco-friendly, thus resulting in gaining more popularity.

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