wildlife photography


A large part of my childhood was spent watching countless documentaries on wildlife. The photographs of wild animals in the magazines always kept my eyes hooked oh them. Animals have souls, it can be seen in their eyes. One day the channels turned up with food habits of Pygmy three-toes sloth of Panama coast and the next day the survival strategy of Himalayan Tahr.
Lucky are those who gets the professional freedom to inspect and shoot life at its natural best through the lenses. Wildlife photography is for them who are capable to get shoot the majestic and alluring photographs of the animal.

Thanks to all the wildlife photographers for unveiling the enticing world of animals to the world. Wildlife photography is the best way of hunting animals, because photographers only shoot them with cameras. Wildlife photographers lead an impossible life. In order to get the best shots of the animals, they travel to remote areas.
A wildlife photographer, needs to, not only be passionate for photography, but also for the wilderness. This genre of photography started as a hobby of safari, hunters in the early 1900s. wildlife photography, in my opinion, is probably, the most non-violent way to disclose the world of animals in our world.
Several photography institutions conduct wildlife photography course. Even various expeditions and safaris are organized for the same. Wildlife photography, on one hand, is very tempting, and on the other, is tremendously taxing, both physically and mentally. It requires patience and a brave heart to be a wildlife photographer.
Due to the uncertainty of the animal, even after hiding, the photographers have to get a good hold on their nerves, be abstained as well as calm and composed.
Wildlife photography is a costly career to plan for. The camera equipment to shoot wildlife and the travelling to desolated areas, both demand for heavy expenses. Another challenge faced by them is, one has to be a real master in this game as no light setups are possible. Thirdly, wildlife photography calls for endurance and stamina. They need to be flexible to adjust in all adverse situations, be the high altitude and extreme climates. One must do proper research about the shooting site in order to understand the lighting conditions, weather and the habits of locals. A wildlife photographer also requires to enlighten one self with the typical behavior of the respective animals.

Wildlife conservancy should be an ambition in wildlife photography. One needs to ensure that the photography process should not hamper or violate the serenity and the rules and regulations of wildness.
Ending with William Thackeray’s quote, “The two most engaging powers of a photograph are to make new things familiar and familiar things new.”

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