Web designing and web development are quite inter-related terms. While web designing deals with the ornamental part of the website, web development deals with the functioning of the website. Web designers use programs like programs like WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Weebly and others to create layout of the websites. Web developers use languages, such as, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and others to make the designs lively.

The first thing web designer follow is the customers’ website objectives. They use information architecture to conduct the designing process by adjusting the information hierarchy of the website. They create wireframes and then carry on with the designing.

Where the work of the designer ends, the developer, better known as programmer, comes in. The programmers deal with the designs to create a completely officiating website. The purpose of the programmers is to take the design and split up into its components. Next, they use programming languages to develop the websites.

The technologies both the designers and developers use to set up websites are:

  1. HTML/HTML 5/XHTML- All websites are set up using HTML/XHTML framework.
  2. CSS/ Responsive Web Design- This is used to concede various options. With HTML/XHTML a website is created, but with Cascading Style Sheets the developer controls the visibility of the website on all possible devices- mobiles, computers, tablets, and televisions. It also helps to cut down girthy web coding on each page of the website and makes the website run swiftly.
  3. JavaScript / jQuery- JavaScript is a programming language that helps to induce the usefulness and design of the website. jQuery, the library of JavaScript, helps in web development.
  4. PHP- PHP is used by more than 20 million domains. It enables to set up future-ready websites.
  5. Angular- It is one of the latest web technologies that deal with creating potential front-end-based applications without frameworks or plug-ins.
  6. Ruby on Rails- It is a server-side programming technology that reuses code to develop applications fast. A few of the popular websites created through Ruby are 500px, GitHub, Ask.FM, Basecamp, and others.
  7. YII- It is a user-friendly open-source web development application. It is an integrated PHP5 framework. It is efficient and provides various utilizing tools for testing applications and debugging.
  8. Express.js- This web development application provides faster development of websites and APIs with the help of plug-ins.
  9. Django- Written in Python and following MVC architecture, it simplifies the procedure to develop a website by providing multiple tools, such as ORM, Models, Django admin, templates, and others.
  10. Laravel: For small websites and large-scale B2B web applications, Laravel is a one-stop solution. The PHP development framework provides various convenient features, such as the MVC support, object-oriented libraries, Artisan, authorization technique, database migration, etc.

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