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How to install python completely in windows 10 step by step

Step1: Open your browser then go to

python install

Step 2: Go to Downloads-> or will appear and click on windows(If you have install windows 10) MAC-OS X for apple users.

python program

Step3: Then click on the Latest version of the python file. Latest Python 3 Release – Python 3.8.2 Please check the bit of the file 64Bit.

Step 4: It will be downloaded and after installation double click the file to install. Please follow the instruction carefully.

python installation

Step 5: Please click to check the boxes and click on Installation. (Please don’t forget to click ADD python to  path)

python installation

Step 6: If you don’t Add the path to the environmental variables yet.Its okay will tell you how to do it.

Step 7: Open My Computer then Click on Local Disk C and click check on hidden files to show up the Hidden Files like App data.

Step 8: This PC -> right click->Properties->Advanced System Settings->Environment Variables->System Variables->New->then input variables name & Variables value

python installation

Step 9: As Variables name (PYTHON_HOME)

python installation

Variables Value: Open Appdata folder ->Local->Programs->python->python 3.5 (Follow the trail)

python installation

Step 10: Fill those fields and click on OK. It now fine bad working, You can also check the python version ind command prompt.Now you can work on shell system or can use Pycharm IDE for better experience.