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  1. Use relevant keywords niche: Use keywords that are relevant to your business and the niche of the products or services you offer. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to identify relevant keywords and ensure that they are incorporated in your ads. Exact match, Phrase match or Broad match those three categories are apply for keywords for selection.
  2. Write compelling ad copy: Write ad copy that clearly communicates the benefits of your products or services and entices users to click on your ad. Use strong calls to action to encourage users to take action.
  3. Use ad extensions: Ad extensions allow you to include additional information in your ads, such as phone numbers, location, and additional links. These extensions can help improve the visibility and effectiveness of your ads.
  4. Target your ads and audience: Use targeting options to ensure that your ads are shown to the right audience. Targeting options include geographic location, device type, demographics, and interests.
  5. Test and optimize your ads: Test different versions of your ads to see which ones perform best. Use data from your campaigns to optimize your ads, targeting, and bidding strategies to improve performance over time.
  6. Set a budget and monitor performance: Set a daily budget for your campaigns and monitor their performance regularly. Adjust your budget and bidding strategies as needed to maximize your return on investment.
  7. Consider hiring a professional: If you’re new to Google AdWords or don’t have the time or expertise to manage your campaigns effectively, consider hiring a professional to help you get the most out of your advertising budget.
  8. Daily Budget: Daily budget should be decided upon the area and the target audience of that niche.

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