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OnePlus is all set to launch its new OnePlus 9 series on 23rd March 2021 collaboration with HASSELBLAD. The company has announced a three-year partnership with one of the finest camera manufacturers Hasselblad to create more innovative next generation smartphone camera systems.

OnePlus is going to invest $150 million over the next three years in order to widen the camera features. The company is leaving no stones unturned to deliver the customers the best smartphone camera experience.

Hasselblad is an eighty years old company that has pioneered high tech camera technology over 80 years now. It is the brand that got the snap of the man’s first steps on the moon. The company now is one of the most recognized manufacturers of cameras and lenses. The Scandinavian brand provide top-notch image quality and rigor mechanics that have earned it some trustworthy customers. Some of the world’s greatest photographers in the world blindly trust the brand.

The two brands now are all set to manufacture immensely improved camera systems in the upcoming OnePlus models, through close R&D collaboration.

The companies will work for the next three years improving software, such as, tuning colours, sensor measurements and adding more dimensions. The partners are planning to further induce the mobile camera standards and evolve new imaging technologies. According to the sources, the parties have promised to deliver immediate benefit for OnePlus users. They will keep on working further on the upcoming models simultaneously, providing the users quality experience.

The key changes which are about to include are:

Colour Calibration: The parties have been working over months now on thorough verification and fine-tuning. Hasselblad aims to cater natural colour calibration which will provide the users with more accurate and natural colours to photos shot with OnePlus flagship cameras.

Sensor Calibration: The new Hasselblad pro Mode introduces world-class sensor calibration to the smartphone for the very first time. Now after editing a photo, one can enjoy more detailed and defined photos. The camera brand has also renovated new user interface of the image processing software. The same claims to provide the users a genuine Hasselblad touch. For the professional photographers can now fine-tune their photos by adjusting ISO, focus, exposure times, white balance and other cool features. It claims that the users can use 12-bit RAW format with better colour and higher dynamic range.

OnePlus, with the help of this huge investment, is planning to match cutting-edge camera technology to its users. All the modifications will be held in the labs of the US and Japan.

The new handset will have some mind-boggling additions like the panoramic mode with 140-degree field of view, T-lens technology in the selfie camera with blistering focused camera and freeform lens for the first time ever.

Other than unique aesthetics of Hasselblad, the OnePlus 9 series will have unprecedented combination of advanced hardware and polished software.

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