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According to the International Monetary Fund, the global economy is supposed to shrink nearly 3% in 2020- the sharpest deterioration since the 1930s the Great Depression. a huge number of people has been pushed into dire poverty, starvation and even worse, loss of their livelihoods and interruptions in the standard delivery mechanisms.

The people worldwide are in desperate straights, some struggling at home, some away from family, some at hospital beds and some dying of the same reason and separating from their loved ones. The pandemic made us realize about the true uncertainty of human existence.

The COVID-19 teaches us the value of freedom and the value of the closed ones in our lives. It exposed how unprepared we were to deal with the crisis, how money and power all are materialistic and can we no of use in the worst situation and how not all super heroes wear capes and masks.

COVID-19, till date, the greatest outbreak of the world, has been quite challenging for the entire world. It made us realize that we are not infallible. The impact is swift and widespread enough to make us learn new lessons and rediscover the value of others.

The most accessible lesson the pandemic has taught us in hygiene. The shooting up sales of soaps, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, gloves and masks are the indication.

It proved that how focused action can make a huge and steady impacts over a year now. We realized that we actually do not need much for living.

Work from home, flexible   timings and other such policies are not anymore considered as lepers in the aftermath of the crisis.

COVID-19 has successful convinced us to appreciate the necessity of transparency. If China had informed about the virus before its asperity, the situation could have been different.

It has completely changed everyone’s lifestyle, for some in a good way and for some in a bad way. We have somehow cut down junk food from our diets. The sleeping pattern has been completely ravaged. Some have become healthier and some not. The entire world is the spectator of a paradoxical situation. While some individuals made good use of the lockdown by honing their skills and doing something constructive, some have suffered from depression too.

COVID-19 responsibly portrayed the real image of the pharma sector and how the nations must buck up and strengthen drug development. Many health care centres lagged in adopting data and analytical solutions. Many could not accommodate patients and ended up with tragic fate.

Coronavirus is still there and its course is altering the landscape of our lives worldwide. A stark change in attitude is on the horizon. The generation has never felt a sense of real fear or endured a large-scale loss of life. This moment is a tipping point for a society engulfed in selfie culture, softened by the comforts of the internet and the availability of almost everything at the click of a button.

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