Konark- An Architectural Marvel

At a distance of 60km from the capital city of Bhubaneswar and 35kms from Puri Railway Station, is a place called KONARK or you may call it “BLACK PAGODA“.Having derived its name from Kona meaning Corner and Arka meaning Sun, Konark is also called Arkakshetra. Here at Konark in the proximity of the mesmerizing Chandrabhaga beach stands a marvel of architectural excellence. A magnificent Sun Temple designed in the shape of a colossal chariot with seven galloping horses and twelve pairs of giant wheels each 10ft high fixed on either side, carrying the mythical sun god across the heavens is the main attraction here, which draws millions of tourists every year.   Built by King Narasimhadeva way back in the 13th Century AD, the Sun temple at Konark is a brilliant example of the fine skills of the Odiya architects. It is one of the most stunning monuments dedicated to religious architecture and has now made its way to the list of the World Heritage Sites. The images carved on the walls of the temple seem to have been infused with life by the expert hands of the architects. The main temple in the shape of a chariot along with several supplementary shrines, separate groups of statuary, and the refectory is enclosed in a courtyard of 865ft * 540ft. A detached structure with a square plan called Natamandir (dancing hall) faces thee main flight of steps. The artistic, military, religious, social and domestic aspects of the 13th Century Odisha are beautifully chronicled in stone at Konark. The dancing figures in various poses (mudras) are gracefully carved to create a mesmerizing treat for the eyes. The fantasy created by the stone craving here leaves the onlookers in a trance. Konark Sun Temple is one of those rare monuments of the world, which can boast of an unrestricted abundance of plastic decoration. Every single image has been chiselled and moulded with such fine artistry that one has to see it to believe. Adding to such beauty is the wonderful seabeach at Chandrabhaga famous for its spectacular sunrise. Such is the charisma of Konark that the heart develops as an instant affinity towards the place, which lasts for a lifetime. A World Heritage Monument “Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man”, thus said Rabindranath Tagore describing the beauty of Konark. “Had Konark been discovered first and the Taj Mahal at Agra later by the Europeans, then there is no doubt that Taj would have taken a second place in the mind of the world”, remarked the noted Art Historian Charles Fabri. The Konark Festival– The Konark festival is an annual event organized from December 1-5 every year by the State Department of Tourism. During this festival, classical dancers from the entire nation mesmerize the audience with their brilliant performance. Amidst the strokes of the musical instruments, tinkling of the anklets and stunning movements of the dancers, the Konark Temple seems to be infused with life. The added attraction is the organization of the International Sand Art Festival at Chandrabhaga during the same period. Chandrabhaga– The Chandrabhaga beach at Konark is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches of India. Well-Known for its spectacular sunrise, the ChandraBhaga beach is 35km away from the Golden Beach at Puri, on the Marine Drive. Along the entire road, one can stop anywhere to enjoy the beach. The beauty of Chandrabhaga Beach can leave any visitor spell-bound. Besides, the long stretch of casuarinas provides an excellent picnic spot where one can have lots of fun and frolic. Entry Fee- Rs 10.00 for Indians per Head and USD 5 for foreigners per head. **Rates subject to change Nearby Attractions: Ramachandi-8Km from Konark. Temple of Goddess Ramachandi on the confluence of river Kushabhadra Baleswar- 20km from Konark Balighai-25km sea beach and sea turtle research center Kapileswar- 10km Salva shrine on desolate sand dunes Kurum- 8km Excavated Buddhist site Kakatpur- 25km Shrine of Goddess Mangala on river Prachi Chourasi- 35km Temple of Goddess Barahi Chitreswari- 12km Picnic Spot Bhakta Balaram Das- 14km from Konark Gangeswari- 14km old temple shrine of 12th century (100 yrs older than sun temple) Accommodation near Konark:
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