Forgot your Pattern Password on your android phone!!

Forgot your pattern password in your android device. Don’t worry its recoverable and completely easy and can take only 5mins. Follow the Steps: If u forget your pattern or pin lock don’t worry just sit and relax I will show you how to do it. step 1: The first switch of your mobile phone. (Caution you can’t get back any data whatsoever. It will completely hard reset the phone). forgot pattern password You can see in this picture the 2 indicated buttons. The two buttons are VOLUME UP AND POWER BUTTON (SIMULTANEOUSLY). Then you see a screen like this. hard reset android  PIC 1 or android screen  PIC 2   Now all you have to do is if your phones show the PIC 1 then select Wipe Data then press Confirm. It will take 4 to 5min to complete the whole process then press Reboot to System. You will see the normal booting method and now all you have to do is setup your phone and enjoy. (NOTICE: WHEN YOU WANT TO SELECT A OPTION PLEASE PRESS POWER KEY AND FOR UP/DOWN PLEASE PRESS VOLUME KEYS) For Pic 2 you have to download a file on your computer/laptop Here Is File And Tool Download Link ”Free”= After downloading please plugin the wire and connect to a computer. Download Mi PC Suite from Mi official website. If Mi pc suite can’t find your phone then it a problem just follow the steps. open the zip file and just click the Xiaomi Support Tool(Android Myanmar). Double click to open -> Font/Lock remover(you have a login to your account or you can bypass) ->then click on Lock remove It will start automatically and when finish switch on your phone. It will Boot your phone and shows you the setup page