Rookfeed, since its inception, has been getting lots of unique visitors from various countries, We only serve unique content about travel and technology and fresh hot topics on our website, So there is a high chance that our content will be index by a search engine rather than our Competitors website. Most of our core traffic comes from India, United States, Canada, Middle East countries, And Europe.

We currently serve only sponsored content as full-page unique articles of 400 – 500 words or more that can contain 2 hyperlinks to a related niche or service. The cost of such a posting is 500$ Annually or 1500$ for a lifetime. Please bear in mind that we will only entertain a maximum of 15 sponsored content in our portal So that there is sanity in our service and the search engine continues to bless us with good traffic. If you are interested then use the contact-us tab and write to us.